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Spirit Week!

Such a crazy week for Spirit Week…

Monday was Pajama Day.  It was fun to feel cozy and relaxed in comfy clothes.  It was a busy day (accidents and spills) but most of us made it through without having to change.

Tuesday was Hats and Shades day and what a variety of hats and sunglasses we saw on children and staff.  Not that there was sun outside but there was inside.

Wednesday was supposed to be Class Color Day, but of course, we had a snow day so that didn’t happen.  Neither did the monthly staff meeting scheduled that day.

Thursday was mis-match day.  Another fun time to see how crazy children and staff could look:  hair, socks, patterns, colors, shoes all mixed up.  The playground did have lots of wonderful snow to play in thanks to the day before.

Friday was another Pajama Day and some wore their jammies on the field trip to Rock Point School to learn about making maple syrup.  We were their first tour of the season and the Rock Point students did a very good job.  And of course, riding a school bus and eating ice cream with maple syrup at 11:00 in the morning was fun for the CPEC children.  The fun continued into the afternoon with a sleepover in Green Earth.

We also had Lending Library this week.  Hope you are enjoying reading with your child.

Ms. Karen on behalf of all the teachers.

March 12 – 16, 2018