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Family Group

The CPEC Family Group is one of the ways families can be active in their child’s preschool experience, and  consists of parents  and other adult family members who help coordinate activities for the students outside of the school day, such as the Harvest Dinner and CPEC Carnival, where families can meet each other and play together.  Off site activities such as bowling and story time at the library have also taken place.  The group also maintains sign-ups for  making play dough for the classrooms and washing dress up clothes, and which can be found on the CPEC Family Group bulletin board in the entryway of the school.

Do you have ideas to share?  Membership is open to all family adults involved in a child’s experience at CPEC.

The group usually meets once a month throughout the regular school year and communicates via email as well.  The 2017-18 school year coordinator is Sarah Warrington.  Her son, Cole, is in the Green Earth group.  You may contact Sarah via email at or by phone at 802-578-5879.  We appreciate your willingness to take on this leadership role, Sarah!

Thank you.